They get up at 5 a.m., when the sun has not yet risen above the horizon.  Quickly they roll up their grass mats and stow them in the cubby that contains their metal box with all of their possessions.  They use the bathroom in a grove of trees, and bathe at an outdoor pump.  By 5:30 they areassembled in the large main room of the orphanage, ready to praise God.  There is an innate understanding that they are privileged by God, and it is unthinkable to doanything other than worship Him firstthing.  Sometimes there are also urgent prayerrequests—more than once they havebeseeched God for the next day’s food. Soon, led by Daddy Mekala, they begin to sing—loudand strong.  “God is good all the time!  All the time God is good!”  As they beginanother, and yet another song, the chorusreaches a glorious crescendo.  Many children lift up their hands —tiny arms stiffwith fervor, fingers splayed and reaching urgently.  Their eyes are squeezed tightly shut, and their faces reflect passionate worship.

Devadas Mekala dreamed of running an orphanage when he was living in one during his childhood.  In 1997, theorphanagewasfounded with Jacob and Joseph, two brothers just recently orphaned.  Within a few years the Mekalas had taken in more than 75 children.  At night, they completely covered the floor space ofthe small room thathoused them.  Neighbors complained about the “noise” of morning prayers, and called the police out to cite them for disturbing the peace.  What a blessing it was to move to the current campus in2001, which allowed them to expand to 200 children.  Now there is a tribal village in the town of Paderu, housing approximately 30 orphans.  The orphanage building is also used for the Christian school and church.

Construction has already begun on the new orphanage!  Built on the same land as the previous building, this new structure willhouse double as many orphans.  The oldbuilding will be used to expand the ministry in other ways. 

Pray that the children will all accept Christ as their Savior, and will grow in a close walk with Christ.
Pray that the children would have their faith strengthened as they pray to God and see him provide their daily needs.

girl praying
girls swinging
boy orphan