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An Open Letter

Bless India Ministries was formed in 2008 by burdened believers throughout the United States. They were motivated by a heartfelt desire to support the work of Pastor Devadas Mekala and his family (Bless India's dealings were with the father Devadas and his two sons Sudhir and Sunil) in their ministry (previously known as Christ the King of King Ministries) to children, widows and pastors in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Unfortunately in 2012 the board found serious sin issues that compromised the work that the Mekalas were doing. Unfortunately after many months trying every possible avenue Bless India was forced to switch the donor's support to other works in India and issue the following statement:

"The Board of Bless India has been investigating several very serious sin issues which have come to light concerning the Mekala family. Unfortunately our investigation has turned up even more sin than we originally thought. It grieves the Board to announce that we have voted unanimously to end all support to Christ the King of Kings Ministries and the Mekala family as of November 1, 2012. The board of Bless India has not made this decision lightly and worked long and hard to explore every possible avenue for a possible restoration.

While we do not think it is appropriate to go into more detail in this statement, please know that the sin committed were grave, were against the very core values of Bless India, and are not at all befitting unbelievers, much less a minister of the Gospel. Through these difficulties it is our prayer that the Lord would do a miracle in bringing the Mekalas to a real, genuine and lasting repentance."

If you are thinking of supporting the Mekalas and would like more information on what we found after many years of working with them, please email us below.

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